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 We think Lynne wrote the poem? A great wordsmith, like her on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/lynne.rawlings.75

Hi Jenny, John Jo and of course my beautiful friend Jess,We had a super holiday,
With all of you, you know,
In fact it was so lovely,

That we didn’t want to go!
The scrambled eggs were super,
They really did impress,
As did the tasty pancakes,
But not as much as Jess!She is your secret weapon,
Who worked her charms on me,
And for her licks and cuddles,
I’m as grateful as can be.
I’m missing her already,
But hopefully one day,
Us girls will all return again,
For yet another stay!Watch the post and take care,Lots of love,
Jenny, Anne and Lynne. xxxx

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Hi,  Jess Jarvis here –

Enjoying the Olympics? Isn’t Jessica  fab-u-lous. Glad we share a name. Not sure I could cope with the hurdles but I’d love to have a race with her cos I’m pretty fast myself I can tell you. And I know how to BOLT when needed!!!

Andy Murray’s done well too. Warming to him now, especially as he’s a Wooffie  lover.

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Well John  and Jenny are meeting the Queen and Duke tomorrow. Goodness, the fuss in practising a curtsey and checking the wardrobe. If it was me it would be just a lick and waggy tail and Her Majesty would be won over. But it’s exciting because we can give her Majesty the Whitchurch Jubilee brochure showing how we celebrated the Jubilee weekend here. Now her Majesty is visiting Hereford tomorrow – marvellous. Woof Woof.

And here’s the evidence

We are at the end of the line!!

 to show off – Jenny holding onto her hat!

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We’re chuffed. It’s all down to me of course, I’m top dog.

But credit where it’s due the humans have worked well.

Our AA  breakfast award has been repeated and so have our 4 Gold Stars for yet another year.

Have you stayed here yet?

Not easy to get and not easy to keep but we’ve managed it!

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We’ve got some great offers for guests this year. But you can only get these offers via our own website, not any other. 

If you are a family you’ll get 20% off your accommodation.

Couples get 12% off, some couples also get a bottle of wine!

Go check it out – www.portlandguesthouse.co.uk

or call us on 01600 890757




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I do mix in good company. Besides Andrew, Simon, Ralph who were part of an expectionally talented group recording a CD of Schubert (Jenny is dying to have a copy of that), we also had people who were dancing at a local hotel, and the lovely  Peter and Abigail (they wanted to take me home, you c

More for my fan club

an understand why) who were at a wedding. How’s that for an eclectic mix. Didn’t know a Wooffie like me knew a word like that did you? 

Eveyone of course raving about the breakfasts as usual. They are  award winning!!!

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Last week it was good fun playing football with George and Sam in the garden after they’d been canoeing. Another George (bit older!) and Jackie were very nice to me when I got into trouble digging a hole under the fence. It’s that pussycat next door that drives me up the wall. I don’t want it in our garden because we have so many lovely little birds visiting for their breakfasts. Fortunately Karen, next door,  likes me a lot too but she keeps blocking the holes up.  I’m going to be there forever trying to get at that pesky cat.  It’s like Tom and Gerry around here in our garden.

One day last week someone left the garden door open and I bounded into the hall while Jenny was opening the front door to prospective guests. I’m not normally allowed to do that but I usually get away with being cheeky because I’m cute. But this couple’s  expressions looked as though they were sucking lemons. They decided they weren’t going to stay  here after all because they don’t like being around dogs.  It was all Jenny could do not to reply to them saying she felt the same way about some humans. It’s not as though I was going to share a bed with them, for goodness sake.  I’m very small and there’s only me and I’m not allowed to see guests unless they ask to meet me. Oh well takes all sorts, and some of them we’re quite happy to leave alone. Like the couple who put a negative review on Booking.Com, which said more about them than us when you read all the others which are really positive.  Unlike on Tripadvisor, we’re not given the right to reply on Booking.com, which is unfair. I think Jenny might start a campaign about that now. Anyway enough of that. 95%  of our guests are sweethearts and we love having them stay with  us.

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My new friends

My new friends

I’ve been so busy entertaining our guests I’ve  forgotten to paw down anything lately. I was so happy we had the Takeda family from Japan to stay with us. The boys were very nice and enjoyed playing football with me.  They are called  “Genki”, “Kentaro” and “Kosuke” (Actually all of their names are related to “Health” and mean “Fine”). My name just means mischief! Fortunately the family do not live very near the terrible earthquake and Tsumani but we were very concerned to know how people were recovering over there.

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We’re very pleased around here at the moment. I have to give credit to the humans this time because I didn’t do anything. Well I didn’t do anything naughty either so I did contribute in a way. We’ve  had the AA inspector to stay. As a result we’ve been awarded 4 GOLD stars and Highly commended as a B and B. And even better – we’ve got the AA Breakfast Award.  Well I’m very pleased for J and J – but he could have awarded me a dog biscuit I reckon.

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