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Got trouble with my ears this morning. Jenny was screaming at Mo Farah on the TV last night , then at Tom Daley. Wow what a result Team GB have had. I’m wagging my tails to bits.

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Hi,  Jess Jarvis here –

Enjoying the Olympics? Isn’t Jessica  fab-u-lous. Glad we share a name. Not sure I could cope with the hurdles but I’d love to have a race with her cos I’m pretty fast myself I can tell you. And I know how to BOLT when needed!!!

Andy Murray’s done well too. Warming to him now, especially as he’s a Wooffie  lover.

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Jess the wonder dog says – Good for Jesse Norman and the other rebels. Wooffies of Great Britain do not want a Liberal Dog’s Breakfast piece of constitutional change.

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Well John  and Jenny are meeting the Queen and Duke tomorrow. Goodness, the fuss in practising a curtsey and checking the wardrobe. If it was me it would be just a lick and waggy tail and Her Majesty would be won over. But it’s exciting because we can give her Majesty the Whitchurch Jubilee brochure showing how we celebrated the Jubilee weekend here. Now her Majesty is visiting Hereford tomorrow – marvellous. Woof Woof.

And here’s the evidence

We are at the end of the line!!

 to show off – Jenny holding onto her hat!

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We’re chuffed. It’s all down to me of course, I’m top dog.

But credit where it’s due the humans have worked well.

Our AA  breakfast award has been repeated and so have our 4 Gold Stars for yet another year.

Have you stayed here yet?

Not easy to get and not easy to keep but we’ve managed it!

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I do mix in good company. Besides Andrew, Simon, Ralph who were part of an expectionally talented group recording a CD of Schubert (Jenny is dying to have a copy of that), we also had people who were dancing at a local hotel, and the lovely  Peter and Abigail (they wanted to take me home, you c

More for my fan club

an understand why) who were at a wedding. How’s that for an eclectic mix. Didn’t know a Wooffie like me knew a word like that did you? 

Eveyone of course raving about the breakfasts as usual. They are  award winning!!!

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Jess Ben and Chloe

Lands End here we come

Here’s me saying goodbye to Ben and Chloe this morning.  Thought I was going with them – got my lycra collar on ready! Ben is cycling from John O’Groats to Lands End. (1000 miles) in aid of St. Christopher’s Hospice near Crystal Palace, London. A Friend’s mother was cared for there last year before she died. The hospice needs £8 million a year to survive. Good luck Ben – it was our privelege to meet you and have you and Charlotte stay, and also to meet Chloe this morning as she joins you cycling today . Anyone can support Ben and the hospice via www.virginmoneygiving.com/BenGirling. Go on it’s a really good cause.


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Jenny’s 95 year father, Ron,  was worried with the news this morning about red meat causing premature death. Until, that is, he looked at the anaemic complexion of the American Professor expounding the result of his research. He not only needs some red meat he also looks as though he needs to get out more. Ron is going to carry on eating our bacon and sausages – everything is moderation. Go away scare mongerers, I think I’ll pop out now and catch a squirrel for my tea.

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It’s already sunny and 17 deg here. Eat your hearts out Benidorm and Majorca  (12 and cloudy)  – we won’t mention Greece.

We’ve got a great offer for you this last weekend of February. Stay 2 nights and get 20% off usual price. In real money that’s £125  (£31.25 per person for divine beds and scrumptios breakfast as well as fabulous scenery

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Jess at Christmas

Jess at Christmas

Here I am dressed up in a silly hat for the benefit of humans again. Everyone rushing around like mad – at least all I have to do is pose prettily as usual and look forward to my presents from under the tree. I’ve had a sniff around. The perfumes I like are Canal than Chanel of course. No luck in that direction so far.


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