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 We think Lynne wrote the poem? A great wordsmith, like her on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/lynne.rawlings.75

Hi Jenny, John Jo and of course my beautiful friend Jess,We had a super holiday,
With all of you, you know,
In fact it was so lovely,

That we didn’t want to go!
The scrambled eggs were super,
They really did impress,
As did the tasty pancakes,
But not as much as Jess!She is your secret weapon,
Who worked her charms on me,
And for her licks and cuddles,
I’m as grateful as can be.
I’m missing her already,
But hopefully one day,
Us girls will all return again,
For yet another stay!Watch the post and take care,Lots of love,
Jenny, Anne and Lynne. xxxx


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Jess says-

Well are you ready? I am. I’ve got my bed and blanket on the floor in front of  the TV ready to bark at anyone who stops Team GB winning loads of medals.

Wish I’d applied to G4S now as a security dog – I could have had a grandstand view. Well surely they must need small wooffies as well as big ones. I can get to places a big woof can’t.

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Wow – did they have a ball!. Well the humans did – I wasn’t there – I’ve got form for barking too much when horses are around. Anyway the humans in Symonds Yat, Ganarew and Whitchurch had a race night last Friday for fund raising purposes towards the Diamond Jubilee. It was evidently a great night and they raised over £2600. Great result. The Queen and the corgis would approve cos they like horse racing. Brilliant time was had by all with an amazing atmosphere and plenty to eat and drink as well as place your bets please! You can keep up to date with us on http://www.facebook.com/pages/Symonds-Yat-Whitchurch-Ganarew-Diamond-Jubilee-Celebrations/267498809984307

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Oh I’m beyond heartbroken (that’s the new phrase to use by us celebrities you know). I’m in love. And the focus of my deep ardour is called Uggie. He’s the Jack Wooffie star of the film The Artist. We could have made beautiful pups together  if my bits hadn’t been take away. But he won’t be interested in me now I have nothing to offer him, I’m devastated. I’ve waited six years to find the right one and for nothing. I’ll have to wear my heart on my collar. Where’s a bone I can chew to manage my frustration. Strong request to J and J (it’s their fault I lost my bits) – I want the DVD when it comes out so I can curl up in my bed and watch it every day. I hope he gets an Oscar http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-16469815

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Jess at Christmas

Jess at Christmas

Here I am dressed up in a silly hat for the benefit of humans again. Everyone rushing around like mad – at least all I have to do is pose prettily as usual and look forward to my presents from under the tree. I’ve had a sniff around. The perfumes I like are Canal than Chanel of course. No luck in that direction so far.


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I’m ignoring Jo at the moment. No cuddles. She had the cheek to call some of the books on the bookcase ‘dog eared’.  Ther’s nothing wrong with dogs’ ears, how insulting. My ears are particulary nice and silky and smooth. OK so the rest of me isn’t, but no wooffie  is perfect.  Why not call the books human eared or worn – it’s humans that got them in that state not wooffies.

What isn’t dogeared is the Forest of Dean at the moment. Just look at these leaves. There’s so many on the ground it’s a pleasure to stoop and have a  tinkle.

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Well the weather has turned yukky for today. the winds are high and the rain is vertical. About how it should be in October I suppose but us Woffies we don’t like the winds – scary. We had a lovely busy weekend though. Lots of nice people staying. I made new friends again. Like Ben – who was very handsome (black labrador – a canine Harry Belafonte!) We had fun in the garden, but like all male species he sat down earlier than me with his ball in his mouth. You notice I’m still working – I can hear those pesky moles – the hills are alive with the sound of moles! But not in my garden they’re not. I’ll be barking mad if we get mole hills. Still I’ll forgive Ben anything cos he’s very good looking and he was a  rescue Wooffie, who was very badly treated. How can some humans be so cruel? Ben enjoyed his ‘holiday’ in the Lloyd Suite where he could get straight out to the garden through the conservatory.

Ben and me playing in the garden

The weaker sex?!

And we had pretty Catrin and her Mummy and Daddy staying in the Ross Suite. I’m not allowed up there but Catrin had plenty of other fluffy things to play with indoors, as well as the doll’s house . But below you can see we had a time for a cuddle before she went home.  I expect we’ll have more children to stay next week as it’s half term. I’ll be rushed of my paws with work again.

A cuddle with Catrin


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