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The quote on Jenny’s diary page today:
‘To get money you must spend it’  : Titus Maccius Plautus 254-184BC, Roman Playwright
Obviously no relation of Titus Arsolus or Mick Jagger
But first cousin to Speculus Accumulus and Jenny’s dear late mother
Wisdom indeed but us Wooffies don’t have to bother about all that.

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Jenny has got a new hatch back car. I don’t like it because I’ve got a new carrier and I can’t see a damn thing. Which means I’m not barking in the car any more at the traffic and any wooffies in other cars, there’s no fun in life now. She’s raving about it though, she got it from Pet Planet.

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The man is super human I reckon. What a brilliant athlete, driving us all mad with excitment!!

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Hi,  Jess Jarvis here –

Enjoying the Olympics? Isn’t Jessica  fab-u-lous. Glad we share a name. Not sure I could cope with the hurdles but I’d love to have a race with her cos I’m pretty fast myself I can tell you. And I know how to BOLT when needed!!!

Andy Murray’s done well too. Warming to him now, especially as he’s a Wooffie  lover.

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We’re chuffed. It’s all down to me of course, I’m top dog.

But credit where it’s due the humans have worked well.

Our AA  breakfast award has been repeated and so have our 4 Gold Stars for yet another year.

Have you stayed here yet?

Not easy to get and not easy to keep but we’ve managed it!

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Jenny’s 95 year father, Ron,  was worried with the news this morning about red meat causing premature death. Until, that is, he looked at the anaemic complexion of the American Professor expounding the result of his research. He not only needs some red meat he also looks as though he needs to get out more. Ron is going to carry on eating our bacon and sausages – everything is moderation. Go away scare mongerers, I think I’ll pop out now and catch a squirrel for my tea.

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Well shake my paw. What a turnip, I mean turn-up. First Steven Hester now Fred the Shred. Seems everybody’s got to work harder and get less. I’m going to have to pad carefully this year I think, otherwise I won’t get my boneUS  or any other rewards for that matter, and if anyone deserves them –  I do. I’ve made this place successful. I took over from the previous owner’s dogs. Useless they were. Overweight for a start – obviously been indulging themselves too much. Flipping Retrievers to boot – so too much hunting, fishing, and shooting and eating out with the jet set Red Setters. They didn’t lift a paw to get rid of the moles, squirrels and rabbits around here. Asleep on the job most of the time and, when not sleeping, just growling expecting others to mop up after them.  And they didn’t have my communication skills either. Just go and ask them what a blog is? Ha!

It’s all go here again. Got the plumbers in – re-vamping yet another ensuite. What do these humans do in them? Best not to ask sometimes.

It’ll look smart when it’s finished. I’m supervising to make sure it gets finished on time. It’s the Ross family suite and we’ve got a family staying  in it next week.

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