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Didn’t we do well! We have our guests to thank for this. And this we do………. with considerable gratitude. Going to watch the tennis now.


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I’ve been away myself last week.  I went on a mercy mission to cheer up someone I’m very fond of who was very sad. But I’m back this week to a full house and we been given a certificate of excellence from Trip Advisor. So the human beings are very chuffed with themselves. I keep on about this but when are wooffies going to get excellence awards for hospitality? – I get barking mad about this at times, I work very hard around here. I’m the star of the show according to Trip Advisor – go and read it if you don’t believe me! And another thing when am I going to get my hair cut? I look more like a sheepdog than a Jack Russell at the moment. Have a good bank holiday.

Long haired me!

I need a haircut please

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