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The quote on Jenny’s diary page today:
‘To get money you must spend it’  : Titus Maccius Plautus 254-184BC, Roman Playwright
Obviously no relation of Titus Arsolus or Mick Jagger
But first cousin to Speculus Accumulus and Jenny’s dear late mother
Wisdom indeed but us Wooffies don’t have to bother about all that.

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Jenny has got a new hatch back car. I don’t like it because I’ve got a new carrier and I can’t see a damn thing. Which means I’m not barking in the car any more at the traffic and any wooffies in other cars, there’s no fun in life now. She’s raving about it though, she got it from Pet Planet.

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We’re chuffed. It’s all down to me of course, I’m top dog.

But credit where it’s due the humans have worked well.

Our AA  breakfast award has been repeated and so have our 4 Gold Stars for yet another year.

Have you stayed here yet?

Not easy to get and not easy to keep but we’ve managed it!

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We’re all drowned rats with webbed feet. I blame the government.

 Jenny and I have just back from a walk and jumped straight into the tumble dryer. Actually I prefer the hair dryer really.

But this rain can’t last, can it?  Oh hang on –  it’s Wimbledon coming up. First week will be alright, it doesn’t usually rain,  so if you don’t like tennis  why not cheer yourselves up with a short break down here? We’ve got some great offers on. You could always go on the river – ha ha

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Jess and Albert

Jack Woffies at play

Another new Woffie friend and playmate who came to stay for 3 days. His name is Albert and we had good fun in the garden. He was very polite he didn’t dig up any of my bones. He couldn’t run as fast as me either. I should have been a greyhound really and thereby hangs a tail! Well not from me – mine was cropped, Albert had a smart one though.

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Andy and Jo with their supportive friend JessIt was August Bank Holiday and we were very busy as usual. But I managed to support a champion  or two along the way. Firstly we were very honoured to have Andy and Jo staying with us. What a healthy pair. (I stopped eating bacon rinds while they were staying just to prove I can be healthy too). Andy was here to compete in the Black sheep TriAthlon at Five Acres and National Diving Centre at Chepstow. Poor things they had to get up at 5 a.m. for this. But what a result! Andy came first in the Veterans class and 4th overall (he was leading the field most of the time) , and Jo came 9th in the female class. A pair of champs and we were delighted for them. So it was waggie tails all round and licks galore.

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Jess is going to write about her ishoos next week on the blog. Everyone else seems to have ishoos so she thinks she should have some. She’s going to call them wishoos though because she’s a wooffie.

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