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The quote on Jenny’s diary page today:
‘To get money you must spend it’  : Titus Maccius Plautus 254-184BC, Roman Playwright
Obviously no relation of Titus Arsolus or Mick Jagger
But first cousin to Speculus Accumulus and Jenny’s dear late mother
Wisdom indeed but us Wooffies don’t have to bother about all that.

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 We think Lynne wrote the poem? A great wordsmith, like her on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/lynne.rawlings.75

Hi Jenny, John Jo and of course my beautiful friend Jess,We had a super holiday,
With all of you, you know,
In fact it was so lovely,

That we didn’t want to go!
The scrambled eggs were super,
They really did impress,
As did the tasty pancakes,
But not as much as Jess!She is your secret weapon,
Who worked her charms on me,
And for her licks and cuddles,
I’m as grateful as can be.
I’m missing her already,
But hopefully one day,
Us girls will all return again,
For yet another stay!Watch the post and take care,Lots of love,
Jenny, Anne and Lynne. xxxx

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I do mix in good company. Besides Andrew, Simon, Ralph who were part of an expectionally talented group recording a CD of Schubert (Jenny is dying to have a copy of that), we also had people who were dancing at a local hotel, and the lovely  Peter and Abigail (they wanted to take me home, you c

More for my fan club

an understand why) who were at a wedding. How’s that for an eclectic mix. Didn’t know a Wooffie like me knew a word like that did you? 

Eveyone of course raving about the breakfasts as usual. They are  award winning!!!

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Jess Ben and Chloe

Lands End here we come

Here’s me saying goodbye to Ben and Chloe this morning.  Thought I was going with them – got my lycra collar on ready! Ben is cycling from John O’Groats to Lands End. (1000 miles) in aid of St. Christopher’s Hospice near Crystal Palace, London. A Friend’s mother was cared for there last year before she died. The hospice needs £8 million a year to survive. Good luck Ben – it was our privelege to meet you and have you and Charlotte stay, and also to meet Chloe this morning as she joins you cycling today . Anyone can support Ben and the hospice via www.virginmoneygiving.com/BenGirling. Go on it’s a really good cause.


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Jess at Christmas

Jess at Christmas

Here I am dressed up in a silly hat for the benefit of humans again. Everyone rushing around like mad – at least all I have to do is pose prettily as usual and look forward to my presents from under the tree. I’ve had a sniff around. The perfumes I like are Canal than Chanel of course. No luck in that direction so far.


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My friends Hannah and Jack

We had some exciting and excited guests. Here’s Hannah and Jack who came to see their brothers playing in a cricket tournament at Monmouth School. And Jack’s brother Harry has been chosen for the England Squad. I wagged my tail to celebrate. So I might be new friends with famous people! Being a girl Wooffie I don’t play cricket as I don’t like the idea of these maidens being bowled over in the gulleys, doesn’t sound very nice does it.  But I will play croquet and football, though only with my own rules. It was good fun playing with Hannah and Jack in the garden and I want to thank them for sending me this brilliant photo. I look very pretty , and so does Hannah, Jack looks like Jack!! Handsome I mean!

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Such a busy week I had last week. I was dog tired I can tell you. We had lots of guests but my favourites were Laura and Megan. Maninly because I’m not averse to a cuddle or two and they gave me lots. I hope they come back and see me to play in the garden again and have more of those cuddles of course.

My friends and me

Laura and Megan and Jess saying fond farewells

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