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I’m f..f.f…freeezing. She took me for a cut and blow dry last week. Every year it’s the same, I get my winter coat cut and then the temperature dips to zero. She hasn’t a clue what she’s doing to me. So I just have to roll around in mud to get some extra padding on me to keep warm. The weather was pants this weekend. Pouring with rain and so windy, we had a lot of golfers here over the weekend who braved the weather. Well when they get that juiced up with booze the night before they don’t notice what it’s like. It’s a wonder they can find their balls really. I’d help but I’m not invited out with them. Shame really cos if I was running around finding their balls for them I’d be keeping myself warm. You’ll be please to know that I finished digging my bunker (my last blog) so if necessary I’m off down there to escape the swine flu and the pigs flying over.


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