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Jenny has got a new hatch back car. I don’t like it because I’ve got a new carrier and I can’t see a damn thing. Which means I’m not barking in the car any more at the traffic and any wooffies in other cars, there’s no fun in life now. She’s raving about it though, she got it from Pet Planet.

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 We think Lynne wrote the poem? A great wordsmith, like her on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/lynne.rawlings.75

Hi Jenny, John Jo and of course my beautiful friend Jess,We had a super holiday,
With all of you, you know,
In fact it was so lovely,

That we didn’t want to go!
The scrambled eggs were super,
They really did impress,
As did the tasty pancakes,
But not as much as Jess!She is your secret weapon,
Who worked her charms on me,
And for her licks and cuddles,
I’m as grateful as can be.
I’m missing her already,
But hopefully one day,
Us girls will all return again,
For yet another stay!Watch the post and take care,Lots of love,
Jenny, Anne and Lynne. xxxx

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Just had to listen to Jenny’s latest idea. She’s going to form a village Book Club. They’ll  read only one book this year because the review process will take so long. The first book is called Fifty Shades of Gray. Next year they’ll move on to the trilogy of Noddy and Big Ears.

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Well John  and Jenny are meeting the Queen and Duke tomorrow. Goodness, the fuss in practising a curtsey and checking the wardrobe. If it was me it would be just a lick and waggy tail and Her Majesty would be won over. But it’s exciting because we can give her Majesty the Whitchurch Jubilee brochure showing how we celebrated the Jubilee weekend here. Now her Majesty is visiting Hereford tomorrow – marvellous. Woof Woof.

And here’s the evidence

We are at the end of the line!!

 to show off – Jenny holding onto her hat!

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Didn’t we do well! We have our guests to thank for this. And this we do………. with considerable gratitude. Going to watch the tennis now.

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We’re chuffed. It’s all down to me of course, I’m top dog.

But credit where it’s due the humans have worked well.

Our AA  breakfast award has been repeated and so have our 4 Gold Stars for yet another year.

Have you stayed here yet?

Not easy to get and not easy to keep but we’ve managed it!

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We’re all drowned rats with webbed feet. I blame the government.

 Jenny and I have just back from a walk and jumped straight into the tumble dryer. Actually I prefer the hair dryer really.

But this rain can’t last, can it?  Oh hang on –  it’s Wimbledon coming up. First week will be alright, it doesn’t usually rain,  so if you don’t like tennis  why not cheer yourselves up with a short break down here? We’ve got some great offers on. You could always go on the river – ha ha

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We’ve got some great offers for guests this year. But you can only get these offers via our own website, not any other. 

If you are a family you’ll get 20% off your accommodation.

Couples get 12% off, some couples also get a bottle of wine!

Go check it out – www.portlandguesthouse.co.uk

or call us on 01600 890757




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Well shake my paw. What a turnip, I mean turn-up. First Steven Hester now Fred the Shred. Seems everybody’s got to work harder and get less. I’m going to have to pad carefully this year I think, otherwise I won’t get my boneUS  or any other rewards for that matter, and if anyone deserves them –  I do. I’ve made this place successful. I took over from the previous owner’s dogs. Useless they were. Overweight for a start – obviously been indulging themselves too much. Flipping Retrievers to boot – so too much hunting, fishing, and shooting and eating out with the jet set Red Setters. They didn’t lift a paw to get rid of the moles, squirrels and rabbits around here. Asleep on the job most of the time and, when not sleeping, just growling expecting others to mop up after them.  And they didn’t have my communication skills either. Just go and ask them what a blog is? Ha!

It’s all go here again. Got the plumbers in – re-vamping yet another ensuite. What do these humans do in them? Best not to ask sometimes.

It’ll look smart when it’s finished. I’m supervising to make sure it gets finished on time. It’s the Ross family suite and we’ve got a family staying  in it next week.

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The River Wye has been voted the best river  in England and Wales. Brilliant, because we are a 5 mins walk away! It was voted best because –

Easy to access – no restrictions

A great place to relax

Wonderful array and diversity of wildlife

Great for activities and sports – fishing, canoeing, swimming, kayaking

Last but not least

Walking the dog ( I know all about that!)

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