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Hi,  Jess Jarvis here –

Enjoying the Olympics? Isn’t Jessica  fab-u-lous. Glad we share a name. Not sure I could cope with the hurdles but I’d love to have a race with her cos I’m pretty fast myself I can tell you. And I know how to BOLT when needed!!!

Andy Murray’s done well too. Warming to him now, especially as he’s a Wooffie  lover.

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I do mix in good company. Besides Andrew, Simon, Ralph who were part of an expectionally talented group recording a CD of Schubert (Jenny is dying to have a copy of that), we also had people who were dancing at a local hotel, and the lovely  Peter and Abigail (they wanted to take me home, you c

More for my fan club

an understand why) who were at a wedding. How’s that for an eclectic mix. Didn’t know a Wooffie like me knew a word like that did you? 

Eveyone of course raving about the breakfasts as usual. They are  award winning!!!

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this is what you get for being naughty

Jenny and I went to the woods this afternoon with my sister Saffy and her Mummy. Guess who went tearing off for over an hour and half. I caused mayhem evidently. All I did was find some playmates who live on  Little Doward and I went home with them. Fortunately I have a collar and disc so the kind man who owns my playmates phoned home. Course now everyone is saying how well behaved Saffy is – I hate my sister, woofy goody two-shoes that she is. But I’m not very popular at home this evening. I was going to keep my head down – and not down a rabbit hole either – just under my blanket I thought for the evening,  but I was made to do the washing instead

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Guess who went where last week and guess who was left at home? J and J went to Buckingham Palace for a garden party with the Queen. Very nice indeed. Especially when they realised it wasn’t going to be the same day as the BNP man. But enough of that.

The fuss and bother involved had to be seen and heard to be believed – best bib and tuckers wasn’t in it – is my hat OK with this dress, do my shoes match my bag, does this tie go with this shirt,  and so on? I don’t have to worry about all that sort of human nonsense, my outfit is always black and white with a hint of tan. Nothing’s smarter than that. But was I invited? – was I woof. Now I’m really glad they had a marvellous time and saw the Queen but where’s my chance at sniffing around the gardens at Buck House, and some tea time treats?

So my Wooffie Whishoo this week is that it’s about time the Corgis got their act together and invited some K9 guests to their Royal Pads. I expect my invite to come soon.

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Well hear we are nearly in July already and the sun is shining like mad. So we’ve decided to make some really good offers to guests to come stay mid week with us and enjoy this area of outstanding natural beauty, at really fabulous rates. We have been so busy that I haven’t had chance to write my blog for weeks. I’ve been having to look after so many families. Mind you it’s the adults that want to play ballies with me in the garden just as much as the children. I get quite exhausted at times but I enjoy it and I like the treats very much. Just in case you aren’t sure what we, and the area,  have to offer do click onto the Special Offers and Local Information buttons on our webite at www.portlandguesthouse.co.uk

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