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Happy New Year to all my readers!

Sorry I haven’t written anything lately. I’ve been too busy enjoying myself over Christmas and New Year.  Hope you had a good Crimble. Jenny and John took me to Watergate Bay near Newquay. They stayed in the Watergate Bay Hotel and I stayed with Paula, of Paula’s Pet Care in Newquay. Highly recommend it.  Lots of good walks, good company. there’s a parrot to talk to and a pet hedgehog – now that’s really different.

Anyway it’s back to news giving. We’re doing self catering at Portland House this year.

If you are looking for a large house to holiday in – look no further!




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Didn’t we do well! We have our guests to thank for this. And this we do………. with considerable gratitude. Going to watch the tennis now.

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Wow – did they have a ball!. Well the humans did – I wasn’t there – I’ve got form for barking too much when horses are around. Anyway the humans in Symonds Yat, Ganarew and Whitchurch had a race night last Friday for fund raising purposes towards the Diamond Jubilee. It was evidently a great night and they raised over £2600. Great result. The Queen and the corgis would approve cos they like horse racing. Brilliant time was had by all with an amazing atmosphere and plenty to eat and drink as well as place your bets please! You can keep up to date with us on http://www.facebook.com/pages/Symonds-Yat-Whitchurch-Ganarew-Diamond-Jubilee-Celebrations/267498809984307

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Oh I’m beyond heartbroken (that’s the new phrase to use by us celebrities you know). I’m in love. And the focus of my deep ardour is called Uggie. He’s the Jack Wooffie star of the film The Artist. We could have made beautiful pups together  if my bits hadn’t been take away. But he won’t be interested in me now I have nothing to offer him, I’m devastated. I’ve waited six years to find the right one and for nothing. I’ll have to wear my heart on my collar. Where’s a bone I can chew to manage my frustration. Strong request to J and J (it’s their fault I lost my bits) – I want the DVD when it comes out so I can curl up in my bed and watch it every day. I hope he gets an Oscar http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-16469815

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Dog tired or Cow eyed – which is it ? Both I think. We’ve just come back from a long and brilliantly exciting walk. Jenny and me  with my sister Saffy and her ‘Mummy Anne’ to King Arthur’s Caves on the Doward Hill from my house, Portland Guest House. The weather was beautiful and the carpet of leaves stupendous. Then all of a sudden – wham bam there’s ‘Matilda and her friends’ straight ahead.  Jenny and Anne  had to get a stick each and cry ‘mush mush move’!!  And Saffy and me had to be picked up – the indigity of it. A herd of Fresians as well, not even Herefords for goodness sake. Who let these cows in?  Border controls lacking here again I see.  Happening all over the place these days. Anyway mustn’t milk this story any longer. But now you know what you are missing by not visiting South Herefordshire at the moment

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I’ve been away myself last week.  I went on a mercy mission to cheer up someone I’m very fond of who was very sad. But I’m back this week to a full house and we been given a certificate of excellence from Trip Advisor. So the human beings are very chuffed with themselves. I keep on about this but when are wooffies going to get excellence awards for hospitality? – I get barking mad about this at times, I work very hard around here. I’m the star of the show according to Trip Advisor – go and read it if you don’t believe me! And another thing when am I going to get my hair cut? I look more like a sheepdog than a Jack Russell at the moment. Have a good bank holiday.

Long haired me!

I need a haircut please

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Jess and Albert

Jack Woffies at play

Another new Woffie friend and playmate who came to stay for 3 days. His name is Albert and we had good fun in the garden. He was very polite he didn’t dig up any of my bones. He couldn’t run as fast as me either. I should have been a greyhound really and thereby hangs a tail! Well not from me – mine was cropped, Albert had a smart one though.

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